Pony engineering, solving pratical problems.


Bob is a studious unicorn and an civil engineer. But a first impression of this colt might be confusing, always in his thoughts and hardly listening in banal conversations. Shy in prescence of mares, his social circle is enclosed on his fellow engineers, his childhood friends and some other ponies he met in his lifetime. His favorite activity is taking walks outside or practicing his fencing skills. In fact, he never go out of town without is blade. Bob surname comes from his moral compass : he's a fool, but knows to differ the good form the bad. And that nearly perfect judgement overcome his shyness for the security of his family, friends and coworkers. His unicorn magic help in fast drawing of buildings and sword handling. Bob is living in his grandfather's shadow, waiting to prove himself his potential with an invention of some sort.


Bob lived in Ponyville before he got his cutie-mark and got to learn engineering. But his talent is more about security more than engineer. In ponyville him and his family lived for a short-time (about 10 years) before leaving again for Manehathan, where Bob and his father stayed all along his study, before going back to Ponyville. His lineage always been in the same domain : his father was a construction worker, his grandfather was a mecanic engineer and it goes on since then. His grandfather was known to helpt in the train steam engine.

Other Info

Bob The Right got a brother that he never met. His father live with him in his house in Ponyville and his mother died long ago.

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