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Bolt Strike

Bolt Strike
Bolt Strike

Infant Bolt Strike ID
Bolt Strike as an infant

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Royal guard
Eyes Pale, light grayish violet
Mane Brilliant sapphire blue
Coat Brilliant yellow
Relatives Comet Catcher (father)
Lightning Powder (mother)
Lightning Strike (older sister)
Star Catcher (younger sister)
Maya Descant (future daughter)
Cutie mark
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Bolt Strike is a male Pegasus pony and royal guard who resides in Canterlot. He is Carmen Descant's boyfriend.


Bolt Strike is a member of the royal guard in Canterlot, serving under Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.


Bolt Strike is shown to be kind, gentlemanly, caring, and very focused in his work as a royal guard. He is also somewhat naive, as he is easily tricked by his girlfriend Carmen Descant, without realising her true nature and motives.


Carmen Descant

Coming later...


See also

  • Cloud Spark, Bolt Strike's female counterpart in an alternate universe
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