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Bramble Rose


Bramble Rose





Cutie Mark

Two thorned vines forming a heart around a rose blossom.


Bramble is just away from home, trying to start a new life for himself. He doesn't know why he picked Ponyville - just someplace to live, someplace that wasn't the city of Sire Dam where he grew up. He just wants a new start, and to see something other than he's seen all his life.

He's always been the smallest pony of his class, and boy, has he paid for it. The fillies didn't notice him, the colts all teased him. The only place he ever found peace was hiding in his mother's flower garden. Now that he's an adult, he wants to get away from all those negative memories, and try someplace new. He's got the itch under his hooves to see the far side of the hill - but the money issue comes into play. He lacking the bits to do what he wants to do.

So he needs to find a job... which ... he's tried several! But he always seems to screw up... but it's not his fault! Really! The only thing he's really good at is dancing, singing, and growing flowers, which he likes to do all at once. He has a nice old radio he tunes into a good song, and dances through the garden making the plants grow in time to the music.

Even then, though - if he has to do it in front of someone, he gets all self-conscious, needing to 'prove himself,' and runs a good chance of flubbing it up.

Because of his size, he's also been teased a lot, and he often has a need to prove himself, causing him to try to act 'bigger and tougher' than he is. This often makes him come off as a showoff - one that really is bad at showing off


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Other Info[]

Likes: gardening ( esp. flowers ), apples, nice clothes (that he can't afford), hayfries, music and dancing

Dislikes: being teased about his size. That he's poor. That he's a clutz (except when dancing). Hay. ANYONE being teased, even someone he doesn't like.