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Braveheart by rayodragon-d3bgu5n







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Braveheart is the braves pony but he can be very brash and a jerk to everyone. But to a female he is gentlecolt he respects the ladies when they are looking at him but when there not looking at him well it's a different story, He gets bored easily when that happen he daydream cute ponies babes, His father give him the Steel bronco when he when to the academy his deam is to be knight for the princess Luna, his other dream is to marry the filly of his dream, his mother teach him to be a gentlecolt but his father show him his playcolt collection so he is romantic and respectful but he really really likes fillies and mares. He wants to be the best knight he trains hard and practice a lot, he is a good fighter, he is good with the sword on his mouth.


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Likes:training, fighting, bucking, fillies, mares, The Steel Bronco(his sword), adventures, saving a filly/mare in distress, dating, missions, and fillies/mares cute flanks and haunches.

Dislikes: magic, denial, getting rejected, getting dump, cleaning duty, boredom, misplacing his Steel Bronco, Lectures, jerks, and being lazy.

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