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Brick Wall
Brick Wall
"Oh, I know what the fillies like."

- Brick Wall

Kind Pony, Earth
Sex Stallion (Male)
Occupation Mason
Eyes Very Dark Gold
Mane Black
Coat Dark Tangelo
Special Ability Able to manipulate the Earth, as in forming the dirt into whatever he forms it into.
Theme Martin O'Donnel & Michael Salvatori - Rock Anthem For Saving The World
Cutie mark
BW cutie mark
A brick wall.
Voice David Scully
Owner User:Agent Nikolai

Brick Wall is an earth pony that is one of the wielders of the Elements of Creation, he wields the Element of Earth. Brick Wall does Masonry for a living, building structures of all kinds for different purposes. He is always seen wearing a green kepi hat, no one knows why he wears it, or where he actually found it. He was born on November 7, 1992, to his mother, Lime Stone and his father, Cinder Block.


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