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Bright-Emerald Sparks


Kind Pegacat
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes Light brilliant gold
Mane Grayish magenta
Moderate cyan
Pale, light grayish sap green
Strong cornflower blue
Coat Pale, light grayish sap green
Strong cornflower blue
Nicknames Emerald, Bright-Emerald.
Relatives Zoey Sparks (Older sister)

Fuzz-Ball Sparks (Older sister)

Cutie mark
Owner User:Pixdeen

Bright-Emerald Sparks is a clever and curious green pegacat pony from Cattiaina. She lives with her older sisters in The Cattainian Empire. Emerald is youngest sister of Fuzz-Ball Sparks and Zoey Sparks and the best internet friend of Diamond Gamer.



Emerald has a harsh outer shell, it's only to protect her family and friends. Once that shell is cracked she is a shy, kind and caring pony. Once that shell is opened completely Emerald loves to make you laugh, smile and daydream of what life would be like without her, because she does have a impact on your life in maybe the tiniest of ways.

Usual Appearance

Bright-Emerald's coat is green and blue in colour, her mane is purple with cyan highlights. Her mane is down with a fringe over her forehead. Her tail has a hair bobble in that is light azure and her tail like her mane is down but usually that depends on her mood because she is a pegacat pony. She has a light azure bow in her mane that poofs out behind her head and a light azure ribbon around her neck.


There once was a time in Cattainia where it was chaos. The three main species of Cat ponies couldn't decide who was better. Emerald like her older sister Zoey thought that they where all equal, and no wars had to come. Sadly the empire was split into 3 tribes to try and keep peace but they started a war against each other. Emerald's older sister Fuzz-Ball went to fight for her species of pegacat. Zoey wanted to do something to stop her but couldn't figure out how. The news of the war eventually hit Equestria so Princess Cadence sent the Elements of love out to help.

Diamond Gamer taught Emerald how to play Minecraft and this way Emerald could keep distracted from the war. Diamond and Emerald became good friends. When Zoey ended the war Emerald found it hard to say goodbye to Diamond but Diamond sneakily made sure that they could stay in touch.


Fuzz-Ball Sparks


Zoey Sparks



Diamond Gamer

Diamond and Emerald became close friends and they keep in touch by playing on minecraft.