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Bright Eyes is the mother of Trance and Pulsar and the wife of Nightwish.

Night and Bright Lights

Nightwish and Bright Eyes


Bright is a creamy yellow and orange with bown hair. She has light blue eyes. She has orange splotches and a white blaze on her face. She is a kind caring mother.


Bright Eyes was orginially born in Manehatten, however she later to school in Las Pegasus. While in her last years of school Bright met and later married Nightwish. They opened up a record store and shortly after had a son named Pulsar. A few years later they had a daughter named Trance.


  • Originally Bright Eyes was named Bright Lights, named after a 30 Seconds to Mars' song Bright Lights.
  • Bright Eyes' named is a reference to the band Bright Eyes.