Brightsong (sometimes known as "Fluttertroll") is a flutterpony from the land of Flutter Valley, home


Brightsong, in front of the Sun Stone (artwork by Matthew Eckhart)

to other flutterponies and the sun stone. Like most other flutterponies, Brightsong is extremely shy and only comes out of her secluded home for the sake of being informative or giving ideas. These ideas and information can sometimes come off as being rude, which is how she earned the nickname "Fluttertroll." Her cutiemark is a treble clef, which represents her love of music and singing (especially in musical theater,) although in general, she is too shy to actually sing in public.

Brightsong As Other Races

Although Brightsong is most commonly represented as a flutterpony (a race not cannon in G4, but played an active role in G1) she has also been depicted as a unicorn and an earth pony. Brightsong has also been depicted as a multitude of different colors, including orange,


The first version of Brightsong (left) with her beau Claptrap (right)

creme, yellow and a few shades of pink with green, purple, pink and/or blue hair. Although Brightsong has gone through many changes in her creation, her cutiemark has always remained the same.

Creator Information

The brony behind Brightsong is a 23 year-old young lady, studying music and theater. Much like her pony self, she is very shy and hardly participates in brony culture, outside of lurking, because of this. If you're interested in catching a glimpse of her, you might find her with her love, Angelique.

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