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Brittle Beetle


Beetle in her 'Beezarre' form showing off some of her powers

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Owner User:NoLongerHERE!!

Author's Notes (READ!)[]

Brittle Beetle is NoLongerHERE!!'s OC, so please... don't make any editions on this page without my proper permission! Thank you so much. :3 =D


Brittle Beetle (or simply called Beetle) is a dark gray unicorn mare with dark yellow hair, blood red eyes and cutie mark of a red spiral. Her magic aura glows red.

Magic Abilities[]

Beetle can fire red electric-energy balls, teleport in an explosion of black flames, generate black fire balls from her hooves, and cast an ability which she calls ‘Wispy Fog’ (a dark purple mist that causes paralysis to whoever touches it). 

Having exposed to a magically radioactive mineral, Beetle got the ability to absorb rainbow colors through her mouth; and when she 'drinks' too much rainbow in excess, she turns into a weird-looking monster: her unicorn horn breaks into a stump, her pupils turn feline-like, two bat wings appear on her back, her tail turns into a griffon tail, gray zebra stripes appear on her fur, a pair of long deer antlers grow on her head and a bright yellow halo materializes above her head (or sometimes encircling the antlers). In this form, she calls herself Beezarre Beetle. Even her cutie mark changes; a black non-equal symbol is ‘drawn’ over it. Besides, she gains more magic abilities: her bat wings can generate energy waves whenever they both glow green and are flapped hard, her hooves can cause tremendous shockwaves as they are stomped hard on the ground, her halo thing serves like a weapon as she tosses it like a Frisbee to hit someone, and she can spit a black energy ball from her mouth which gives somebody hit by it uncontrollable shivers (this move causes stun status, makes somebody catch a cold, breaks focus and slows somebody down at once). She is immune to lightning and fire too.


Terra Wild[]

One day, Beetle found a female earth pony walking alone around a rocky, wasteland area. She wanted to scare the pony away but she got caught off-guard as a clone of that pony appeared behind her. Beetle also found out the pony, who revealed to be Terra Wild, has the ability to manipute earth; this made Beetle want to fight Terra. At the end, they both tired and declared a tie. Then, Beetle decided to go with Terra... and so a wierd friendship has begun.


She shows to be bubbly, mischievous, naïve, silly, giggly, eccentric and childish. Sometimes, fighting and terrorizing ponies make her very happy. She also envies and even admires ponies, which makes her curious about them on occasions.


  • “Beetlee is heereee!!!”
  • “What the bug!!?”
  • “I am gonna bug you now!”
  • “Do you wanna fight!? Well, I will give you a fight!!”
  • “Nghhh… Somebody please give me a pillow… Ufff… Nevermind…”
  • “Raiiinbooowsss…” *drools*