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"Brony Bunny" is the first short and the first episode of the My Little Pony meets Looney Tunes Mini-Series.


After taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque, Bugs Bunny gets thrown out of Bronycon and winds up getting whammed in the head by an apple tree. He soon finds himself in Equestria where he heckles some of the ponies.


At a local MLP Brony/Pegasister Convention, Bugs Bunny winds up taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ends up insulting the whole fanbase. After getting bucked out of the convention, Bugs is then sent soaring through the air until he hits an apple tree at a local farm. After slumping down from the tree, an apple falls off an lands on Bugs' head, where he begins to dream about being in the world of Equestria.

As the dream begins, Bugs winds up on Sweet Apple Acres, where he scares a local pony after asking a question. Then he eats up the carrots from the carrot patch. After eating enough carrots, he decides to head to one of the apple trees to pick an apple. But before he does anything with the apple, Applejack shows up to threat him into giving up the apple and leaving the farm. Bugs soon realizes from Applejack that he IS in the land of Equestria. And realizing that Applejack was acting just as tough as a certain someone he knows, he decides to do the ol' fightin' words/line trick routine with her. Soon enough, he leads Applejack out of her farm, across the plains, and then is tricked into jumping over a cliff where Applejack curse and yells as she falls down into the river below.

While walking back through Sweet Apple Acres, Bugs comes across the Cutie Mark Crusaders whom he asks for help in finding a way back to his world. They suggest going to see Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville. He thanks them and goes on his to way to town. But one his way there, Bugs is dashed past by Rainbow Dash, who then he decides to heckle with by disguising himself as a traffic copy, pulling Rainbow Dash over and giving her a ticket. But she soon comes onto Bugs' trick and after declaring herself to be the fastest pony in Equestria, Bugs retorts by saying that rabbits are faster than ponies. Insulted by Bugs' theory, RD challenges him to a race to Ponyville, of which Bugs accepts.

When they begin the race, Bugs gets a head start and tricks Rainbow Dash into following signs that make her think that it's a shortcut. But in reality, they lead her to the railroad and straight into a train tunnel where she thinks that a train is coming right for her! However, as soon as she exits the tunnel, it turns out that it was just Bugs holding a flashlight and blowing into a wooden train whistle blower. But Rainbow Dash soon comes on to Bugs' trick and the chase resumes as she chases him back into the tunnel. When she sees another light and hears another train whistle, she stands her ground, but this time, it's a real train that hits her and it's an express train that is non-stop.

When Bugs walks away, he sees Fluttershy, who tries to talk to him, but he just looks away from her and walks away. A confused Fluttershy says, "Was it something I said?"

Bugs then arrives in Ponyville where he is dragged into the Carousel Boutique by Rarity, who asks him to help redecorate her place while she heads to the spa. Bugs gladly accepts the job and tells her he'll have it done before she gets back. Minutes later after coming back from the spa, Rarity arrives to see that Bugs had indeed redecorated the place, but with tacky colors and patterns, making her boutique look like a total mess. Bugs walks away, not needing any thanks because he thinks it looks better this way. But of course, by the time Bugs left, Rarity has the most dramatic meltdown she ever had.

Later, at Twilight's Castle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity complain to Twilight that a rabbit is causing chaos and confusion. Although Fluttershy suggests reasoning with him, Rainbow Dash decides to send out the 'Big Gums'. And soon enough, Bugs comes face-to-face with Pinkie Pie who starts being the chatterbox that she is. Soon enough, Bugs asks Pinkie about who sent her in the first place. But when Pinkie replies that Twilight was the one who sent her, Bugs decides to send Pinkie Pie back with a very good logic problem. One that makes Twilight Sparkle go crazy into critical thinking. And so, Applejack and Rainbow Dash get into an argument, Rarity goes back into her most dramatic meltdown while Fluttershy fails to calm her down, and for Twilight, she still goes crazy trying to answer Pinkie Pie's logic problem.

"A screwy bunch, ain't they?" -Bugs Bunny

By that time, the princesses of Equestria, Celestia and Luna show up, wondering what has gotten into them. Of course, the Mane Six all point to Bugs Bunny, who greets the princess duo, who inform him that they are magical princesses. When Bugs asks them to do a magic trick for him, Celestia gladly accepts his request. But she uses her magic to turn Bugs into a regular, harmless, normal Equestrian rabbit. At first, they thought that would be the end of him, but the rabbit suddenly unzips himself to reveal that Bugs had undid her spell.

"Ehhhh, dat's a good trick and all, your royal alicorny-ness." Bugs states, "But can you and ya sistah do dis with ya ali-horns?"

Bugs claps his hands twice to make his ears light up and then claps his hands against to turn them off.

Confounded by Bugs' trick, Celestia tries to do what Bugs did, but to no avail. Then Luna gave it a try, but she has no luck neither. As the princesses try their best, Bugs soon finds a bowl of magic powder (same one from "Knight-Mare Hare", but with warning labels around the bowl.) He takes a big pinch of powder and uses it turn both Celestia and Luna into horse-like donkies. Angered by this, they try to unzip themselves out of their costumes, but to their surprise, remain stuck as donkeys. As they try to unzip again, feeling confused, and they still end up being in the same donkey appearances, no matter how many times they unzip the costume. The Mane Six try their best to help, but no matter what, Celestia and Luna remain as donkeys!

As for Bugs, he is already back at Sweet Apple Acres, still trying to find a way to return to his own world. Returning to the apple tree, he comments that he really wasn't going to eat the apple, as this apple tree was the reason he was brought here. So, upon picking up the apple, Bugs preps himself to throw the apple upon his head to return back to the real world.

Soon enough, Bugs wakes up, finding himself back in the real world. And as he walks way, he contemplates over the dream he had.

“Wow… What a relief…” Bugs said, walking past a farmer who was saddling up two horses to a pull-wagon. “T’ank goodness it was all just… a… Equestrian… themed… nightmare?”

But as he was about to move on, he noticed that two of the old mares that the farmer were harnessing wore crowns similar to Princess Celestia’s and Princess Luna’s crowns. As Bugs looked back, he shrugged off the feeling that those mares were the real princesses he transformed form his dream.

“Nah, impossible.” Bugs said. “Couldn’t be dem.”

But as he walked away, Bugs suddenly startled himself when he heard the Farmer call out the old mares’ names:

“Alright, girls. Giddy up, Celestia. Git along now, Luna.”

End of Episode 1.


  • This first episode recuses gags and themes from the following Bugs Bunny shorts: "Bugs Bunny Rides Again", "From Hare to Heir", "Hare-Less Wolf", "Knight-mare Hare".
  • This episode also reuses a plot where Pinkie Pie tells Twilight Sparkle a logic question, similar to "Logic with Pinkie Pie".


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