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Bubbly Clouds
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Grey
Mane Dark Grey (Dyed)
Coat Light Grey (Dyed)
Cutie mark
Cloud surrounded by bubbles.
Owner Sly Joe


She is obsessed with being proper, but she is willing to break the rules for a good enough cause. She avoids other ponies because they never live up to her standards.


Bubbly Clouds is a pegasus from Canterlot. The identities and whereabouts of her family is unknown. Her special talent is blowing bubbles, or at least that's how she interprets it. She's kind of ashamed of this, as she doesn't think it's a "respectable" talent.

Stories Featuring Her[]


Anyone is allowed to use her provided that credit is given to Sly Joe Crow on wikia or Really Special on fimfiction.