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Candy Bacons special somepony and my bf's oc.


Burger 6
drawn by ScarletGuardian


Burger Twist

== The same as Candy Bacon, Burger Twist's name has nothing to do with what he eats. 

Burgers Cutie Mark

About him...[]

Burger met Candy when he moved to her home town, they played games with each other but never really got 'close' until they were older. 

Burger loves to read comics and also collect them, he also enjoys playing video games and just chilling. He enjoys a bit of doctor who which inspired him to get himself a fez 'cos fezes are cool.

His favourite colour is green.

His main job is to work down at the local comic book store but also helps out his special some pony Candy Bacon at her sweet store. His talent is basically being able to spin around fast (like Taz) as way of movement, he rarely does it these days but does it to Candy as a surprise attack. 

His alter ego is ULTIMALEOne and is part of my Mane 6 group.