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Butterfly Catcher
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Lepidopterologist
Eyes Brilliant cyan
Mane Dark goldish gray
Coat Brilliant tangelo
Nicknames Butter, Butterfly, Catcher, Catchy, BC
Magic Color Light cyan
Cutie mark
Butterfly Catcher's Cutie Mark

A light orange butterfly

Voice TBA
Owner PastelKitty101

Butterfly Catcher is a orange unicorn. She was born and raised in Ponyville and works as a Lepidopterologist, meaning she studies butterflies and moths. Her marefriend is Wisteria Rose.

Characteristics and Biography[]

Butterfly Catcher, hence her name, likes to catch butterflies and moths to study how they act. Of course, she lets them go after she's done. She cares alot about butterflies.

When not studying butterflies, she enjoys relaxing and interacting with her girlfriend, Wisteria Rose.


Butterfly Catcher is free-spirited, self-confident, and light-hearted. She likes to have fun, but she has to moments of being extremely patient. She can wait for hours on a simple task, like catching a butterfly.


Butterfly Catcher is an orange unicorn. She has black hair neatly tied in two pigtails. Her tail is simple and short. Her eyes are cyan and her left eye is blind due to an accident.

She wears a brown scarf with polka dots on it.