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Butterfly Kisses is the Changeling/pony hybrid daughter of Crosis and Skinwalker.

Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses
Kind Changeling/Pony Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Princess of the Underground Kingdom
Eyes Cerulean Blue
Mane Pink
Coat Dark Grey
Relatives Crosis and Skinwalker
Cutie mark
Butterfly Kisses CM
Owner Aniju Aura


Butterfly is a pony/changeling hybrid. She had dark grey fur with pink hair and a tail. She also has pink butterfly-like wings. Unlike other Changelings, because Butterfly is half pony, she received a Cutie Mark in the shape of a pink and purple butterfly. Her Cutie Mark symbolizes how she is able to change the minds of other ponies ideas of Changelings, and able to change Changeling's image of ponies. The butterfly being a symbol of change for the better.

Butterfly is sweet and kind, she often brings joy to whomever she meets. Unlike other Changelings who feed off of love by changing their bodies into the pony's love, Butterfly can't change forms, whether this beinging she can't or she doesn't know how is unknown. She rather make other love her by being herself, something a young pony really only knows how to do. Butterfly is a little afraid of Princess Luna because after she was told a story about Nightmare Moon. Despite this she likes the other Princess Alicorns, particularly Princess Cadance, whom would probably have the most hatred for Changelings.


Butterfly was born to the two Kings of the Underground Kingdom. Despite having two male parents, she became more of a girly pink girl, loving princess things. Upon being told the bed time story about Nightmare Moon one Nightmare Night, Butterfly became afraid of Nightmare Moon and a little bit of Luna in fear she may change back.

Years later, however, after meeting Princess Luna, Butterfly realized she and the night princess have a lot in common about how they had to struggle with the way others think of them, Butterfly being a changeling and Luna had once been Nightmare Moon. After this Butterfly decided to help warm the hearts of other ponies and change their minds about their negative points of view on creatures and ponies they do not know. This earn her a pink and purple butterfly Cutie Mark, symbolizing change.


  • Butterfly is named after this character B-17.