Butterscotch the Baker/Candymaker

Me, Butterscotch

Butterscotch is MarioWriter's OC. She lives in cloudsdale and runs a bakery that also sells candy. She sells stuff such as Cupcakes, Jars full of Hard candies, her special sugarbread (which is like normal bread with soda instead of water, and topped with powdered sugar.), and more things at her shop, which is named The Stratocumulus Sweetshoppe.


Butterscotch's Mother's name is Candy Cruncher. Her job is mashing hard candy into pieces for special sprinkles for the cupcake factory she works for. Butterscotch never met her dad unfortunately, but his name was Cirrus. He was killed in an accident with a thundercloud. Butterscotch doesn't know what e did for a living because her mom is too sad to talk about it.

Cutie Mark Story

It was almost her birthday, and she and her mom started to make cupcakes together to give to Butterscotch's 3rd grade class. They finished it, and Candy Cruncher snuck some of her company's hard candy sprinkles onto the cupcakes. Later, when Butterscotch gave the cupcakes to her classmates, they started devouring the cupcakes right away. When they were done with the cupcakes they asked for more. "You like my cupcakes so much that you want 6ths?!" Butterscotch eaclaied with a humongous grin on her face. She was so ecstatic that she started fluttering around the room using her wings. But that celebration stopped when Derpy said "Hey Butterscotch? You got something on your flank there." Butterscotch looked at her flank to see an icon of a cupcake on it. And that's how Butterscotch got her cutie mark. The end.

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