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This elegant lady-unicorn is not to be trifled with.

Button Pie is a cream-coloured unicorn with strawberry-red mane and dull green eyes. Though she often goes without clothing, she is sometimes seen wearing a Victorian dress and/or hat. Her CutieMark is a red button of jumbo proportions (in comparison to other CutieMarks.) It should also be noted that Button Pie speaks with a British accent. She is a featured pony from


Button Pie grew up in Trottingham with her hyper-feminine mother, Twirly Tulle (a relatively famous tutu tailor.) Button despises her mother and longs to find her lost father, Inkston (a dark stallion who so happens to be a master of poetry and satire.) She moved to Fenlock because she was enamored by the medieval traditions and vintage fashion found there.


Clockwork Clover: Button Pie and Clockwork Clover love to discuss history, recipes, natural remedies, and housekeeping tips. They try to have brunch at Blackberry Tavern every Tuesday, but sometimes Button would rather drag Clover to Ponyville to engage in some shopping.

Sweetheart: What began as a coworker acquaintanceship soon ended up as a regularly-renewed friendship. Though Sweetheart and Button Pie are near-polar opposites (Sweetheart is emotional, while Button is more logical), these two ponies manage to get along surprisingly well.

Pink Sugar: If nothing else, Button Pie associates herself with Sugar for her sweet words and delicious cupcakes.

Raconteur: He is not so much Button's friend as he is her debate partner. These two ponies tend to be perfectly matched in wit, always starting up an argument or battle of wits. They love to play word games with one another, as well as exchange sarcastic (and borderline flirtatious) retorts. Button Pie and Raconteur may or may not have a crush on one another (either way, they seem to be having too much fun insulting each other to care.)

CutieMark and Element

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Button Pie's character bio

Button Pie's CutieMark story isn't so special to most ponies, but it means something to her. While sewing together a hat for her father, she realized that she had run out of black thread. Upon disrupting the balance of a cluttered shelf, a red button fell on her nose. Just moments later, her CutieMark appeared. It was then that she received her "Eureka!" moment; her destiny was to become a tailor like her mother, only specializing in vintage and antique clothing.

The "Mane Eight" of Fenlock represent some things that make a marriage successful. Button Pie's element is Honesty.

If you would like to learn more about Button Pie, check out her character sheet: