Caessa Weaver, a blind pony and resident pegasus of Ponyville. Her place of birth was far to the east in a floating city much like Cloudsdale. But, due to a birth defect that caused permanent blindness, the family was forced to settle on solid ground where there was less of a chance for Weaver to come to harm. They chose Ponyville for its relative closeness to Canterlot, where many unicorns and the finest medical minds resided in hopes of a cure.

Due to the overprotectiveness of her family, Caessa became a late bloomer, developing her cutey mark much later than her peers.

It wasn't until she bumped into an aging, and traveling, writer that she found her special talent. The talent of storytelling. Being blind left very little for a pony to be able to do in life so she threw herself into her work. Using a special quill made for her by a friendly unicorn, Caessa managed to write down many an enthralling tale. She specialized in the historical and mythilogical settings.


cutey mark

After superb reviews on her first novel, a passing fan noticed a mark appearing on her flank. Caessa soon learned the mark was the eastern symbol for "Sky or Heavenly". A symbol pertaining both to her love of literature and mythology.

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