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Cal Lewis

Earth pony Cal

Pegasus Cal

Equestria Girls human Cal
Cal in his Equestria Girls human style in his Equestrian hero outfit

Kind Earth Pony (formerly)



Sex Male
Occupation Artist and Secret Agent
Eyes Dark Brown
Mane Brown
Coat Dark Tan
Cutie mark
A paintbrush
Voice Himself
Owner Callewis1978

Cal Lewis was a human in the town called Richmond, Maine until one day Cal got sucked into his TV and ended up in Petropolis in the T.U.F.F. Puppy universe and became a TUFF agent and having a get time of this life there until one day in the T.U.F.F. Puppy and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover Cal Lewis Super Spy meets My Little Pony Cal got sucked into one of the magic mirror gateways and ended up at Canterlot in Equestria where Cal met up with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Cal didn't get use to Equestria just yet and wanted to go back to Petropolis so he gets help from Twilight Sparkle and her friends and some of his own named Frashly Baked, Luna Star, Sera Camp, Tanner and Cucumber Guarden but later in the special when Cal hanged out Twilight and got the know the ponies better he started to love Equestria too but sadly that he had to leave to get back to Petropolis and stop Snaptrap, Dark Cal and D.O.O.M. and turn Snaptrapolis back into Petropolis again. In the fanficion series Cal and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cal and some of his Petropolis friends returns to Equestria and Princess Celestia gives Cal the same mission she gave Twilight is to discover the magic of friendship and to become prince of Equestia someday. in the fanfic episode Cal's new wings Cal's evil twin Dark Cal stole one of Trixie's magic creates just when Dark Cal was about use it the create fell off a cliff and the cyan star fell off the create. When Cal found the create he put the star back on and the create ate him and spit him back out with wings that looks like Twilight's. Cal went from Earth pony to Pegasus and the spell in the create became permanent when the star came off and now Cal is remain a Pegasus forever.

Equestria Girls[]

In the incoming fanfic movie Cal meets My Little Pony: Equestria Girls when Cal saw the magic mirror gateway to Canterlot High in Canterlot City Cal went though it where he turns human and met up with Sunset Shimmer and her friends