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Calypso Rosea Telemachus
Happy Meow - Base
Calypso Rosea Telemachus
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Light Green
Mane Pink
Coat Light Pink
Cutie mark
Dark Red Star and Eye
Owner User:AngelinBlack424 given to User:PandoraStar411
Crystal Primrose Gown Finished
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"I believe that all the life in this world shall come to a dearing stop, and when it does, a new life will be spawned, and it will promise great diety nigh." - Calypso Telemachus


Calypso Rosea Telemachus is a pink pegasus who believes to be a princess because she feels that she is immortal. Calypso suffers from Walking Corpse Syndrome, which has her to believe that she does not have half of a brain and believes she is dead. She has her thought that she cannot die.

Calypso believes in the world of everyone in Equestria, and has a very peaceful attitude. She enjoys the enviornment of nature and loves her best friends who she claims to be Princess Luna and Celestia, even though she has never actually met them before. The ponies in Ponyville believe that she is crazy because of her assumptions and thoughts, however Calypso feels that she is completely normal.


More Information is to come...


  • Calypso's middle name, Rosea, is latin for Pink.