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Candy Bacon 4
Drawn by MisterAibo


Candy Bacon


Earth Pony



Eye colour:


Fur colour:

Dark Palomino with white dapple and white dapple stockings. Pinky/red hooves.

Mane and Tail:

Red/pink with pale pink stripes (like bacon)

Cutie Mark:

Candy and Bacon

Special somepony:

Burger Twist


Runs an exotic sweet shop and makes strange tasting sweets.


Budgie called Tilly and Howard the Westie


 Family...                                                                                                                             []

ALL CHARACTERS HERE INC CANDY BACON BELONG TO ME, ARTYSKULL/ULTIMAREOne. Ypu can find me on DA under both these names. People claiming to own her or be me are most likly not me.

Mother - Cherry Leopard

Group 2

Being told off by Mum

Father - Nohj (no-dge)

Step-father - Beer Rocker

Little sister - Orange sun

Nan - Nanny Chris

Step Brother(s) - J2DAT (J-to-da-Tea) and Lemon Pirate

Step sister - Dolly Molly


Drum Beat (youngest)

Flossy (Twin of Coca Star )

Cocoa Star (Twin of Flossy)


Candy Bacons talent and what she eats has nothing to do with Bacon, it's more of a metaphor for her quirkyness with in her sweets and personality. Candy is the main part of her name which is her talent, making candy/sweets. Alot of ponies just call her Candy or Bacon but ponies who have just met her call her Candy Bacon

Canys Cutie Mark

Drawn by MisterAibo

Early life...[]

Candy had a pretty good fillyhood. She used to draw sweets and colourful things all day. She met her special somepony, Burger Twist as a filly when he moved to Trottington. Her family wanted to Whithershire from ponyville as it would help her mothers career. Candy used to visit her Nan in Ponyville.

CB 5

Burger and Candy


Today, Candy lives in Whithershire still where she knows where her family and friends are. Candy runs a little sweet shop called 'Candy Gallor' where she makes her own sweets with strange yet tasty tastes. Her boyfriend tends to help when he's not busy helping at the comic book store. She loves to be a little silly, play her games (pokemon) and draw. 

She hasn't yet fully grown up as her dad tells her she's still a filly in her head. She has a collection of cuddley toys, childish and still a little simple but she can be mature when she needs to. She get's really shy around new ponies and only shows her bouncy self around those she knows well. 

Candy 8

Her alter-ego is ArtySkull