Candy Circus outside in Ponyville.

Candy Circus, who is known as Cirque by her friends, [And Cirque De Freak by her enemies,] is a colorful earth pony who loves to have fun. She looks up to her idol, Pinkie Pie, whom she hopes to meet someday. She likes to dance, [But her moves show off her flank.] Her cutie mark is a deck of playing cards, and she is 12 years old.

Friends, Family, and Enemies

Candy's best friend is Raindrop Uteki, a blind unicorn whom she helps out and plays with. Actually, that's Candy's only mare filly friend. Candy's other friends are Blossom Bubblegum, Uteki's sister, and her own brother, Lucky Key. One of Candy's biggest enemies is Silver Spoon, whom constantly teases her. She also dislikes Diamond Tiara.

Love and School Life

Candy has a crush on Tinker Swirl, a young stallion in her class. He is a darker blue than she is, and has dark brown hair. He does not have a cutie mark yet.

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