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Cavalrous is the setting for My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might. It's another country of ponies neighboring Equestria. It is a kingdom ruled by Prince Meta.

Being the home of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table, Cavalrous sent them to monitor and study Equestria in concealment to keep up with current event. They learned about their culture, history, and celebrations, and witness certain events. They knew about the exploits of Nightmare Moon, the Elements of Harmony, and Princess Twilight Sparkle. The Steed Knights informed Cavalrous of the stories that have happened in Equestria, and all the ponies were inspired. Equestria has become a part of the foundation of Cavalrous's society.

Cavalrous is a bit more advanced than Equestria. As Equestria is based on peace and prosperity, Cavalrous is based off on stride and progress. Everypony is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential. Even though they are bent to better themselves, Equestria has also inspired them in the meaning of harmony and brotherhood.

The capital city is Roanninshire.

There is a section of Cavalrous called the "Dark Plains", which housed the most dangerous monsters and criminals in the land, all under the rule of the alicorn mistress Heavy Matter.

After Equestria made contact with Cavalrous, they have opened an underground railroad tunnel that goes under the Badlands, connecting the two countries. The tunnels are reenforced and routed so no outside forces or subterranean creature can destroy it. They were based off of the Channel Tunnel.