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Celipscra is a female Changeling that is the leader of the trio of wondering Changelings.

Kind Changeling
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes Lime Green
Mane Violet
Coat Dark Grey
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Celipscra is a normal Changeling however she is taller than the average Changeling scout, yet smaller than the Queen. She is of a dark grey almost black like any normal member of her species. She has violet hair that drapes down, yellow green eyes and a thunderbolt shaped horn. Celipscra wants to be the new Queen of her own colony and is determine and cunning enough to seek her dreams. She is manipulative, self-confident and an expert in magic, however she is more open and loving towards close friends and is protective of their well being. Because of the mistreatment she and her Chanegling kind recieved in the past years Celipscra is wary and distrusting of strangers, however she opens more when she deterimines someons worth and becomes a devoted friend. Celipscra has few friends but they are close friends.  


Celipscra was born in the Changeling Hive and had lived most of her life there. She never been to happy with living in the Changelings' Hive or with their Queen and the food shortages. Celipscra grew restless with her position and eventually decided she was no longer going to follow their Queen when she failed to provide a good reliable food source for the colony. She did not attend the fail take-over of Canterlot, but observed it's failure. Shortly after this Celipscra decided to leave the colony to start her own that she could be Queen of and rule how she sees fit. She was also led by instinct to leave when the conly became over populated and with dwindling food sources. Celipscra convinced Valruma, a fellow Changeling, and a drone name Skipsalou to come along with her. The trio traveled arounf Equestia looking for a good place to start a new colony and eventually came across Crosis's Kingdom.

Celipscra, Valruma and Skipsalou spend their time in the Underground Kingdom, using the tunnels to enter Canterlot to feed off of the love. When Dante's birthday roles around Celipscra and her two companions attend his birthday party where Celipscra meets and flirst with another Changeling named Zino, a member of the popular band The Destroyers, the entertainment for the evening. The two hit it off and started dating.

Sometime later in Changing Minds, Aniju located a colony of changelings nearby, sparking interested in Celipscra. She, her two companions and boyfriend sent out to find the colony and bring them to the Underground Kingdom.


  • Celipscra name is just a random word, like all three of the changelings. Obscra may have been an influance.