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Cenehard Starbow


pale blue gray with darker hints around his muzzle and hooves

Mane and Style

bright neon blue with black tips; a spiked affro similar to that of Spitfire's


dark sky blue

Cutie Mark

a blue-green flame




create a fire sonic boom and fly faster than a phoenix


Nova (mother), Eric (father) Aria (younger sister)

Voice Actor

Vic Mignogna


He is stern and stoic with a hidden kinder side to him. He is known for his hunting and fighting skills and usually tries to annoy his sister as mcuh as possible. His dream is to be the fastest Pegasi in Equestria and become a Wonderbolt.


Early Life/First Apperance[]

Cenehard first appears as a rather young colt during a time just after the battle at the Crystal Empire. He was young and knew very little at the time, but felt that he needed to protect those he cared for, just as his father did. After his sister was born, he found himself being very protective of his family and began to train under his father.

He gained his cutie mark by performing a Phoenix dive (a skill similar to that of a Sonic Rainboom).



Nova- Cenehard and her mother are very close, mainly because of how he was by her side during the hard times before Aria was born. Nova is very supportive of Cene's training and helps in anyway she can. Cene wishes to protect her like she protected him when he was young.

Eric- Cenehard looks up to his father; saying that he is the bravest pony in all of Equestria. Cene learned how to hunt and fight from his father who supports him in hunting and training.

Aria- Aria finds humor in trying to boss her brother around, but is usually ignored or gets told off in some way. Cenehard finds pleasure in annoying her, but, deep down (really deep down), he cares for her like an older brother should.


Tornado Bolt- Cene and Tornado are close friends and fierce compedators. Both are veying to be a member of the Wonderbolts and usually challenge each other to races to see whose fastest.

Featherweight- Feather and Cene are friends through the school news paper. Cenehard usually finds interesting stories and tells them to Featherweight who prints them into the paper.

Rumble- Since both Cenehard and Rumble are close in age, they understand each other and train together. They are a close friends who support each other and are very compedative.

Powers and Abilities[]

Phoenix Dive- a skill that is hard to perform and similar to that of a Sonic Rainboom. It creates a fire around the user as they fly, similar to that of a phoenix when angered.

Flight- Cenehard is a great flyer and knows how to use wind currents to his advantage.