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Cerise de la Rose Charm

Cerise de la Rose Charm
Cerise de la Rose Charm
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Cerise Human
Cerise as a human
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Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Salespony
Eyes Brilliant violet
Mane Light brilliant heliotrope with Pale heliotrope streaks
Coat Light violetish gray
Nicknames Ama, Older de la Rose Charm twin
Relatives Amaranth de la Rose Charm (younger twin sister)
Cutie mark
Gemstone cutie mark adoptable closed by skittles91000-d6h8jsw
Owner PandoraStar411
Cerise de la Rose Charm is a female Pegasus pony who works at De La Rose Charm's magical accessories.


Unlike her twin sister Amaranth, Cerise is very mature. She doesn't like it when others don't work hard. Cerise considers herself a hard worker and likes getting things done on time. She's also a bit of a perfectionist.


Cerise and Amaranth were originally from Ponyville who went to Manehattan because of their occupation. Their mother taught them how to make amazing jewelry and Zecora taught them how to infuse magical properties that will make the bearer "lucky" in something.


  • the "de la" part of her name was an idea from Catty's Ixhelcan's royal family name
  • Cerise is a shade of pink
  • Rose is a shade of pink
  • her occupation came from the "Charm" part of her last name
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