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The Changeling Campaign was a 2 years long war between the Arandorian Alliance, and a changeling faction known as the Changeling Scavengers.


The campaign started when Arandrim general Zanar Naryon was attacked by a group of ponies in Canterlot. He defeated them relatively quickly, but was shocked to see that they were in reality changelings. He was attacked by their leader, and was able to escape through an Arandorian Iantannon-gate.

He arrived in a griffon village, where he spends the night, planing to alert the council in the morning. The day after, a massive group of changelings attacks the village, looking for Naryon. He escapes, and after walking to the closest Iantannon. After warning the council, he is allowed to assemble a strike force to assist the griffons. Whne he arrived there, there was no changelings in the village, but a lot of drained griffons on the ground. The changelings later used this tactic multiple times.


Changeling Scavengers[]

The changelings used a "hit and run" strategy, attacking multiple villages, draining them, and leaving before Arandrim could assist.


Arandrim's strategy mainly consisted of sending small groups of reinforcements to as many villages as possible, but the changelings usually beat them before the full power of Arandrim could arrive.