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Charoite Shine
Charoite Shine ID Pic
Charoite Shine
Kind Shimmering Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Jewelry Designer
Eyes Light brilliant cornflower blue
Mane Vivid violet
Coat Light amaranthish gray
Nicknames Char
Relatives Unknown
Magic Aura Color Pale, light grayish heliotrope
Cutie mark
Charoite Shine's Cutie mark
Rainbow gem
Owner Pandora
"Darling, that necklace you have won't do with your outfit!"

Charoite Shine is a unicorn from Shimmering Falls. She currently lives in Ponyville with her childhood friend, Cloud Spark.


Charoite is a lover of jewelry and gemstones of any kind. This may make her seem as if she was greedy but in reality, she isn't. She's very generous and kind. But like most Shimmering ponies, she's really sensitive and gets mad easily. This gives her a lot of mood swings and other ponies just can't figure her out.




She possesses regular magical abilities of a standard unicorn. She isn't that fancy with her magic, but she knows a few spells which helps her from time to time.

Mood Jewelry

Charoite is the only pony in the world where her jewelry can actually tell what mood she is in. (And it's not fake as well). She has three pearls that are on her right ear (two are colored light blue and the middle is colored light pink). If it's the same color, that means she's calm and collected. If it suddenly changes color (into any other color that's not the original) her personality changed some how.

Mood Jewelry Color List

  1. Red = Really Angry
  2. Orange = Mixed emotions (you do not want to see this one appear on her earring)
  3. Yellow = Sad
  4. Green = Extremely Happy
  5. Turquoise = Concern
  6. Blue = Bored
  7. Purple = Excited
  8. Black = Fear




  • Charoite is a rare mineral. It's color is purple.


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