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Chase is a Student at Canterlot High and a purple Unicorn in Equestria.

Chase Aphtar

Chase as a Human

Chase Pony
Chase as an Unicorn

Kind Human/Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Student
Eyes Light Blue
Mane Yellow
Coat Purple
Owner Aniju Aura


As a human Chase wears a purple jacket with a fluffy collar and sunglasses he hardly takes off. He wears knee high black boots. Chase has yellow hair that is spiked up.

As a pony, Chase takes the form of a Unicorn with a purple coat and yellow hair. He still wears his sunglasses as his a pony. He also gains the ability to control water and preform spells using his magic. Chase takes easilly to magic strangely, however he lacks the patience to learn and pratice his spells, leading to some mishapse.

Chase has a difficult time expression his emotions, and thus attempts to interact with others by being clever and silly, often making jokes to cover up his flaws, or to change the subject. When confronted by a new situation he doesn't know how to handle, he reacts either with aggression or he'll give up.


In Canterlot High, Chase is a popular kid and know quiet well at school, despite being a Freshman. He already had several friends, but he started to pick on another Freshman named Spritz. Surprisenly although he was picking on him, Chase simiply was trying to befriend Spritz, in an odd way. He didn't like how Spritz was always along but didn't know how to approach him, because Spritz always denied friendship offers.

After awhile, during the events that Sunse Shimmer caused, the school became over-run by Changeling students from Equestria, and a shadowy creature named Seatao trapped all the students inside the school. During this time, Spritz and Chase finally became friends, when Chase told him his constand harrassment was a cry for friendship. Later Guillotine claimed Spritz and Chase as his new "friends" however, Chase was having a difficult time befriending Gullotine's friends Catnip, Trance, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. So Spritz made the effort to become friends with them to make Chase more comfortable.

Chase joins the others in an attempt to free Canterlot High from the Changelings, and confront Seatao so the students can be released. Seatao sends the students on various missions and eludes the kids much to the annoyance of Chase. However Chase enjoys the new world he was through into because he can't handle the situations a little better with his new friends, and fears losing them after everything goes back to normal.


  • Chase's named name Aphtar sounds like After, making his name "Chase After."