Bronies Wiki
Kind Unicorn
Occupation Chat Moderator
Eyes Yellow
Mane Brown
Coat Light blue
Nicknames Chat, Chatty, Chatterbox
Magic aura Gold
Cutie mark
Chat/Talk bubble

 Chat is a genderless unicorn pony and chat moderator. She represents the Element of Communication.


(under construction)


Chat is enthusiastic and bubbly. She likes to meet new friends and always there when somepony needs help. Chat is sometimes hot-headed and likes to chat things, like her personal life, food, shopping etc. 

She doesn't stop talking until you get her to sleep.


  • She is part of an ongoing project to ponify famous internet sites. She was the first to be made.
  • Even though she is genderless, she is refered to as a female.
  • Chat was made during a RP session, when the chat system failed. The RPers (Sabregust , Astralfleur , Anjiu Aura and TrinitySparkle) became annoyed at the chat system, until Astralfleur personified the chat system, bringing birth to Chat.
  • Chat represents bloggers and blog systems across the net, as well as administrators of websites.