"Hey now, do we really have to get all crazy about this?"


Cheesy Crust

Cheesy Crust

Class: Pegesus

Age: Foal

Gender: Female

Special Talent: Pizza Pony'

Cheesy Crust is a foal slave pony in the fanfiction series of My Little Pony: Authority Is Mastry. She lives in Ponyville in the care home of an elder pony Master Peppers. She regularly attends Ponyville elementary when she's not working under Peppers conditions. Cheesy is very smart young filly, always seekling to find a friend but can't get one because she's not allowed out of the home very often. She recieved her cutie mark very early in life due to the fact of her love of Pizza. Cheesy is a seriously wild young filly. She's seen all throughout the MLP:AIM series getting in trouble anywhere she goes alone.'Cheesey doesn't have very mamy fears or lets anything bother or scare her. She just usally shuggs her shoulders and leaves if things get too intence for her.    


Peppers-Master/Guardian {Not Real family but gives her a home after her parents abandoned her in Clousdale}

Tough Crust-Older brother

Bread Crust-Father

Filled Crust-Mother

Blue Berry-Future Husband   


Cutie mark 19

Cutie mark

Cheesey Crust was a filly born in Cloudsdale to Bread Crust and Filled Crust. She was merely about 2 years old when her brother Tough Crust was supposed to take care of her as their parents were always out doing something witch happened a lot. Tough Crustt is much older than Cheesey but still not enough to be an adult.


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