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Name: Cherry Blast

Race:Earth pony

Job: Botanist


Cutie Mark: Cherry Blossom Petal

Backstory: In a rich family her parents expecting another hybrid in the family line a unicorn or another pegus

but were able to get a purebred or a earth pony with the great news the soon showed off their

new bundle of joy and she lived in a nice family who showed her different skills that her family

line is famous for so she can be as their self procamed greatness but she did not like the common

work with fireworks and other entertainment which is hoof made but she never really enjoyed this

easy life and went to study plants and their different uses in Canterlot tho some other mares called her a

foal due to her blank flank and her low self esteem with her being a earth pony in a high Unicorn area

but after 4 years she got her Botany Degree and went home and her father noticing when she took off

her lab coat from her finals they celebrated that their missed daughter finally has her cutie mark and he

asked what is her special talent and she replied with "I don't know" but they did not mind and partied for

three days and on the third day they helped her moved into Ponyville where she decides to work with

the Apple family and learn how to make medicine and new fertilizers which is ecosafe and she

still visits her family and believes that what she is doing is the right thing

Flaws:She is still a bit unsure about her career choices , she is socially awkward due to her family not letting

her make friends scared that she may get a bad influence, and she is quiet spoken to most ponies but is

very loud to the Apples

Skills:Careful Hoofs,can grow plants with ease, and can easily name 145 different plants of the top of her



Speed 5

Strength 3

Intelligence 7

Endurance 6