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Cherry Puff was a pegasus filly who was killed 8 years before the beginning of Friendship is Magic during a rogue storm. Before her death, Cherry Puff was Rainbow Dash' first crush. During the storm, Rainbow Dash tried to save her, however she failed and watched helplessly as Cherry Puff plummeted to her death. Seven years later, Dash would wish she could try again, her wish would be granted by Luna, who at the time was still the Mare on the Moon, triggering a rogue storm that would engulf Fluttershy. Unlike the first time however, Dash managed to save Fluttershy by triggering her Spirit of Loyalty, which at the time did not exist as a physical element. Rainbow Dash would later save Fluttershy in a similar fashion several times.


Despite being dead, Cherry Puff appears several times to Rainbow Dash both as a physical apparition and at least once in a "dream" when Rainbow Dash has a near death experience. Throughout these appearances, Cherry Puff has pushed Rainbow Dash to go on when the situation looks hopeless, as well as using her innate ghost magic to protect Rainbow Dash from harm, asserting herself as Rainbow Dash' Guardian Angel.

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