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Cheery cherry

Cherry Pie

 Cherry Pie is a fan-made pony created by Cherrypie-chan on August 14, 2012. 


Cherry pie is magenta, with purple eyes, and a pie cutie mark. Her mane consists of pink, red, and purple. 

how she got her cutie mark[]

She is an earth pony so she wasted some years of her life doing nothing but manual labor for her family, after some time the foals at school called her "cherryella" and "dusty pie".

Sometime after that, her mother had another baby girl. The filly's name was cherry cobbler. For the foalshower, she did not know what to do to help, until the sonic rainboom. She was in the kitchen at the time being depressed with her head on the table, thinking about her past. Just then there was the sound of an explosion. She was startled. She jumped up from the seat and became dizzy. She stumbled and tumbled until she fell upon a countertop.That's when a miracle happened.

She She saw recipies of all sorts, and one in particular caught her eye. A recipe for a delicous looking pie. She knew just what to do! She got up and started making the pastry. When it was finished, she galloped as fast as she could to the shower. She was nervous of what her mother would think, because her mother was a famous critic. But, to her surprise, she loved the taste! As soon as she heard her mother's reaction to the treat, she learned her special talent!