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Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper
"Let's mix things up a little."

- Chili Pepper

Kind Pony, Earth
Sex Stallion (Male)
Occupation Pepper farmer
Eyes Strong Artic Blue
Mane Dark Gamboge
Coat Moderate Tangelo
Special Ability Able to manipulate fire and growing peppers.
Cutie mark
CP cutie mark
Chili pepper with a fire in the backround.
Voice Steve Downes
Owner User:Agent Nikolai

 Chili Pepper is an earth pony that is one of the wielders of the Elements of Creation, he wields the Element of Fire. Chili Pepper is a member of the Pepper Family, who are known throughout Equestria for growing and exporting different kinds of high quality peppers. He currently lives on the Pepper Family Farm, where he grows all kinds of peppers with his family. He was born on October 7, 1994, to his father, Jalapeño Pepper, and his mother, Cayenne Pepper.


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