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Chrome Paradise
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female ♀
Occupation None
Eyes Light Cyan
Mane Light Pink and Sky Blue
Coat Lavender
Nicknames Chrome
Relatives Oreo Sparkle (cousin)
Theme song Lowrider_with_lyrics_-_War
Cutie mark
Voice Ava Acres
Owner Greatness The NightWing

Chrome Paradise is Oreo Sparkle's cousin.


She was originally born into an extremely poor family. Her mother had already died and her father could not take care of her. Chrome was sent to an orphanage. She had made friends with 2 other foals. She got picked on by one colt, but then Chrome's friends stood up to the colt. "Hey, leave her alone! She didn't do anything to you, why should you be so mean to her? If you're having a bad day, fine. Don't take it out on somepony!" The colt was surprised at this. "Jeez, nopony stood up to me like that. I... I gotta go!" he said, and ran off. Chrome's friends later looked into a book, and saw that Chrome looked similar to a Cyberpunk Pony. Chrome's friends were shocked. "You're a Cyberpunk pony?!" Chrome had no idea that she was. One day, another Cyberpunk came in and adopted Chrome. Chrome knew this pony. It was her father's sister, Silver Spark. Chrome was excited to see her cousin, Oreo Sparkle. When she did, Oreo hugged Chrome tightly and said "Oh, I finally get to meet my younger cousin that I didn't know I had! We're gonna have so much FUN together!" And they did. Chrome had a great time with Oreo. She now resides underground, like most Cyberpunks.