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Cinnamon, what happened to your mane
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Cinnamon Apple
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male ♂
Occupation Dancing
Eyes Purple
Mane Brown
Coat Blue
Nicknames Cinnamon
Theme song
Quote "Dancing is my SKILL!"
Cutie mark
Apple dusted with cinnamon
Voice Steve Agee (older)

Logan Grove (younger)

Owner Greatness The NightWing

 Cinnamon Apple is a young stallion who is hopelessly in love with Oreo Sparkle.


He was born into a normal Earth Pony family, a lot like everypony else. He grew up as an only foal. His parents gave him dance lessons. Cinnamon took this up in just a day. Several years later, he danced the night away at many nightclubs. One day, he met a beautiful young mare named Oreo Sparkle, and was instantly lovestruck. He was amazed by her talent to sing. They teamed up and are now in a heavy relationship.


Cinnamon is much more mature than Oreo. He can be rather ignorant at times.