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20110726 001
'Cip in full Tui regalia


Earth pony



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Mane colour/s

Yellow (with black and red dyed parts)



Cutie Mark

Tui beer logo


Delivery pony

'Cip (sometimes called 'The Mangatainoka Express') is a grey filly with two cutie marks: a grey kiwi silhouette on her forequarters and a Tui beer label on her hindquarters.

She is an ardent supporter of the Tui brewery and takes it upon herself to offer a refreshing bottle of Tui beer from her saddlebags to any and all she meets as she trots around the grid.

Second Life Information

'Cip is a member of the Bronies group in Second Life, which is how she acquired the base Earth Pony avatar (actually a v0.4 beta.) She has since upgraded to the official release version of the Galactic Toast pony.

Her avatar is heavily modified with the following:

  1. Saddlebags scripted to offer a bottle of beer on touch
  2. Mario hat modified to sport Tui logo
  3. Glasses adjusted to fit pony face
  4. Flexi-prim tail
  5. Blinking eyelids (required prim surgery)
  6. Twitching ears (this required removing the ears from the original avatar head first)

When wanting to hang out with her fellow bronies, 'Cip can be found in either Bronytown or Everfree Forest .

Equestria Information

'Cip (it's pronounced 'sip') is a delivery pony for the Sweetwater Brewery, currently run by Barley Hops.

Looking for work, she ended up assisting in the bottling plant at Sweetwater's brewery, ensuring that any recycled bottles were clean, uncracked, and free of any objects. Ponies tend to stuff the bottlecaps back in the bottles for some reason, and mouths and hooves aren't quite up to the task of winkling the things out.

When not working as a bottler, she spends a great deal of time on the road, delivering Sweetwater's famous ales and reclaiming empty bottles for reuse.

Rumour has it that she and Sparky Bolt, the brewery's engineer, are 'together', but so far nopony has been able to confirm this. Since Sparky's change, nopony has been brave enough to ask.

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