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When he was a little colt, his mother died 2 years after he was born, sending his father into a spiral of drugs and alcohol, which caused him to regularly beat Circutz and his siblings, Circutz and his brother and sister, ran away. His brother was adopted by the apple family, while his sister was adopted by a casino owner, but Circutz had no such luck, he was forced to roam the streets of Canterlot looking for food and shelter, his experiences then turned him into a cynical, shutin who hates being social.


Circutzs special talent is Building and fixing and fixing machines. as his cutie mark indicates.


Circutz childhood experiences and memories have hardened his emotions and mad him as cruel and unforgiving as the world he grew up in.


Circutz is self employed, he builds and sells any machines to the Canterlot elite.

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