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A rendition of Claptrap as royalty by K. Medico.

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Alicorn (multiple renditions)


Male (Ambiguous)

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A recent rendition of Claptrap, recolored and presented in one of SecondLife's pony sims.


"Claptrap" is a portmanteau of clap, representing the pony's acting prowess, and trap, representing its gender ambiguity; as one can clearly see, this pony is hard to identify as male. This pony is representative of Claptrap !!4z4kbGWYw+X, also known as ProfessorFT and/or -matty-Jel, and the artwork was done by the REAL Rain bro !Dash/xVjEY.


-Is a COLT, but is exceptionally feminine. He's a bit touchy about being cute because of this, and won't hesitate to throw a hissy fit over it.

-Is a very kind, sweet sort of pony...unless you give him a reason not to be. Claptrap can hold a grudge like no other, and is...well, a bit dramatic, as his special talent lends him to be.

-Is an actor, and has a passion for conveying characters and presenting himself with character, both on and off stage.

-Is from Cloudsdale, and is the son of the royal family therein, in fact, the ponies who invented the modern science of rainbow-making, Roy G. Biff and Kaleidoscope. He left Cloudsdale in fear of living under their shadows more than fear of competition, which is the excuse he gives everyone. He shares the heritage with his older brother, Prism, who is much more determined to take the role of ruler than he.

Other Info[]

The cutie mark on Claptrap's flank is a pair of drama faces, one happy, one sad, once again representing the acting aspiration.

Creator Info[]

The /b/ronie behind Claptrap is 22 years old and a trap (figure it out). Claptrap, in the real world, enjoys playing World of Warcraft, attending classes at the University of Akron, and spending time with friends and family as often as possible. He also runs the virtual cardshop Arkham Games and Entertainment Though not all of his websites are public, you can follow his tumblr at