Clockwork Clover is a Pure Pony unicorn with a dark chocolate coat and emerald-like eyes. Her mane and tail resemble dollops of fluffy mint cream with curls on the ends. She has a pointed Pure Pony nose, and her
A fenlock family photo by zumbazyn-d574hdt

One big makeshift family

CutieMark is a gear with a three-leaf clover beside it. Her accent is an Olde English one with Anglo-Saxon words thrown in.


Clockwork Clover grew up in a place where unicorns were unheard of, and the horn atop her head was considered a ugly birth defect. She was born in the Hollow Mountain, a place that Equestrians never knew about until recently
Clockwork Clothed

Clover wearing her favourite outfit

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After settling in Fenlock (a village surrounded by the Everfree Forest), she adopted a filly named Foxglove and a dragon hatchling named Flint. The rest of her life's events can be found here:


Button Pie: Button Pie and Clockwork Clover love to discuss history, recipes, natural remedies, and housekeeping tips. They try to have brunch at Blackberry Tavern every Tuesday, but sometimes Button would rather drag Clover to Ponyville to engage in some shopping.

Sweetheart: Sweetheart was one of the first ponies to show kindness and compassion towards this lost unicorn. If it weren't for Sweetheart and her friends, Clover might not have stayed in Fenlock.

Bramble Brave and Bramble Green: Clockwork Clover looks up to the Brambles as surrogate parents. In return for their wise advice, she runs errands for them and helps babysit Bramble Bounce (to Foxglove's GREAT dismay.)

Starberry Blitz: When Starberry Blitz first met Clockwork Clover, she saw an opportunity to brighten up a discouraged friend. To this day, Clover is always glad to spend time with her cheerful pegasus friend.

Raconteur: After babysitting for Clover, he took a liking to her. He saw a family in need, and served to temporarily fill the role of father for Flint and Foxglove. Though he isn't romantically attracted to her, he and Clockwork Clover share a love for reading and writing.

Sparkle: Clover has a close to ideal relationship with her daughter-in-law... aside from the fiery sneezes.

Pearrow: These two sisters have lots of quarrels, but will never stop being
Pearrow the Archer

Clockwork Clover's beloved sister, Pearrow the Archer

friends. Clockwork Clover has pledged undying loyalty to Pearrow, and will adore her and forgive her no matter what she does.

CutieMark and Element

Clockwork Clover earned her CutieMark by making a tiny machine out of spare alarm clock parts. It watered her potted clover plant every morning on the dot, which inspired her to make more machines like it. Her special talent is making inventions that work in harmony with nature (but she generally has limited success.)

The "Mane Eight" of Fenlock represent some things that make a marriage successful. Clockwork Clover's element is Commitment, or Loyal Love.

If you would like to know more about Clockwork Clover, check out her character sheet:


Clockwork Clover's character bio

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