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Cloud Calamity





Cutie Mark

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Cloud Calamity is just one of those ponies who seems to have a lot of bad luck on their side. In this case, Calamity's bad luck comes from the very colours she was born with - a perfect sky blue. Once she's flying she almost melts in with the sky itself, leading to many mid-air disasters where birds and other pegasi fly into her.

Despite her various accidents, Calamity loves to fly and generally tries to keep up a bubbly persona. It's only when her wings are injured that she becomes a bit of a sadsack, but the thought of being able to fly again once she heals keeps her spirits up.

Her current job is helping to create rainbows, a job that keeps her out of the way of other busy pegasi flying around.


Calamity's history is a rather painful one with lots of bruises. Her first true experience flying ended in an incident involving a flock of wild geese flying into her. Subsequent incidents soon followed and she earned her Cutie Mark - a definite danger sign if ever there was one.

Calamity has tried various jobs in her life, most of which have been rather unsuccessful. She wasn't able to lead migratory birds back home because they couldn't see her, cloud removal often ended with other pegasi flying into her, and she once even entered Best Young Flyer... if only anyone had actually seen her performance.

Other Info[]

  • Calamity has been given a bright orange safety jacket to wear, but because she is quite forgetful (possibly a result of her many injuries?) she often leaves the house without it.
  • She currently holds the record for most time spent in hospital.