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Cloud Light
Cloud Light
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation Loves to take care of animals
Eyes Sea green
Mane Storm grey, wavy, white streaks
Coat White
Nicknames Cloudy, Liya, Cloudshy
Relatives Leaf Song (sister)
Cutie mark
A white rose laying on a white cloud
Voice Soft and shy
Owner Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

 Cloud Light is a shy, timid Pegasus with a love of freedom, flying, and taking care of animals.



Cloud Light was born to a mare named Winter and a stallion named Hurricane. She had an older brother named Thundersky, and an older sister named Leaf Song. At birth, Leaf Song had suggested the name Cloud Light for the filly because her mane was as soft as a cloud and her coat seemed to be somehow shimmering in the sunlight.


Cloud Light was very shy and delicate but loved her sister Leaf Song and was very close to her. The two would play outside together all the time. But however, Cloud Light was way too reluctant to go to Flight Camp.

One day, when Leaf Song decided to take Cloud Light with her on a trip to the forest and woodlands below, Leaf Song had earned her cutie mark: A beautiful emerald green leaf with some small flower buds and mini red roses surrounding it.

Cloud Light complimented her sister on her new cutie mark, and got her own a few days after. She was helping out nature, and then guided some butterflies through the sky. Then she got her cutie mark - a white rose on a white cloud. The white rose represented her sensitivity and gentleness, it also meant her talent for nature. The cloud represented her love of flying and freedom.

Joining Forces[]

As Cloud Light grew older, she joined forces with a pony named Evening Star and together they worked hard to take over Equestria. Cloud Light became the new bearer of the Element of Betrayal, and then sings a musical number about her betrayal to her friends and wishes she can come back, and she knows that there will be consequences in the end.

The Defeat[]

Cloud Light was defeated by the Elements of Peace which were being posessed by six other ponies, and she was freed from a curse that kept her under Evening Star's control. She later became friends with these six ponies.


Unfortunately, Cloud Light sadly passed away from the "Blackcough" disease. She is now watching over her old friends in Pony Heaven.