Cloud Runner


Bat Form

Kind Pegauses
Sex Female
Occupation None
Eyes White
Mane Black
Coat Yellow
Cutie mark
Owner ShunnedSalmon
"I'm blind deal with it."Cloud Runner is a yellow Pegauses who is best friends with Shining Fire and Starlight Secret. 


Joining Fourth Echeclon

She was fillynapped alongside Shining Fire and Starlight Secret. Her and Fire were taken to the base while Starlight espaced. She and Shining were questioned about the mane 6. She refused to speak and she was blinded by a unicorn spell. It was supposed to be a temperory spell. 

Becoming A Bat Pony 

She gained echolocation when she wanderd into the Everfree and was bitten by Flutterbat. 

Quiting Fourth Echeclon

After 30 succesful missions she lost her confidence when she falied to save a filly from a burning buliding. She then decied her blindness was theart to their mission and resigned. Shining Fire, Golden Skies, and Tangerine Tropics tried to change her mind but it was all in vain. P.S The filly got out safe on her own. 



She has enchanced echolocation to hear eneimes thourgh walls and at exterme distances. 


Before she quit Fourth Echelon she had loads of confidence after the failed mission she now stays home and refuseing to speak to anyone. 


Shining Fire

Starlight Secert

Blind Charm

Sugar Song

HoneyComb Crush

Peachy Splashes

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