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Cloudy Pony







Cutie Mark

Cloud-shaped wings


Cloudy is a pegasus pony with a blue body and a white, puffy mane. Her cutie mark is a pair of cloud-shaped wings. Although she is a pegasus, Cloudy can not fly. She was born with defective wings. She was picked on when she was younger, and she was seen as a "disappointment" to her parents. Because of her inability to fly, Cloudy developed a different hobby: inventing. She loves to create new gadgets than other ponies can use. She can be extremely eccentric at times, but she is still a very good friend. She and Fluttershy are close friends.


Cloudy was born in Cloudsdale to two very wealthy, prominent members of society. When she was very young, she discovered that her wings were ineffective, and she would never be able to fly. Her parents were saddened by this, and they always treated her differently from her other siblings. She was also picked on by her classmates. She learned, however, that she was a very gifted inventor. She was constantly creating new things. The other pegasi in Cloudsdale would pay her for these inventions. Despite this gift, Cloudy's only wish was to fly, and to make her parents happy. One day, a few pegasi from her neighborhood were getting together for a race. Cloudy got an idea. She created artificial wings, and tried to join in. Although she was laughed at, her wings actually worked. She came in fourth place. She didn't win, but she still proved everyone wrong. She could finally fly! She also got her cutie mark. Unfortunately, the fake wings broke. Cloudy decided it was time to go out on her own. She moved to Ponyville, where she continued inventing. She also made several new friends.

Other Info

Likes: inventing, friends, summertime, wind

Dislikes: not being able to fly, mean ponies, bad weather

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