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"Any pegasus can control the weather. I don't see why I have this dumb, boring talent. I hate this cutie mark"
—Cloudy Burst
Cloudy Burst

Cloudy Burst ID

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Weather Pony
Eyes Brilliant persian blue
Mane Moderate cornflower blue

Dark azureish gray

Coat Light cornflower bluish gray
Nicknames Cloud, Cloudy, Burst, CB
Relatives *Violet Glimmer (mother)
Cutie mark
Cloudy Burst Cutie Mark

A raincloud

Voice ?
Owner EctoplasmicCat

Cloudy Burst is a whitish-blue pegasus who is a weather pony. She was born in Rainbow Falls and recently moved to Cloudsdale. Her father is Dusty and her mother is Violet Glimmer. She is the younger sister of Periwinkle Sparkle and Melody Star.

Characteristics and Biography

Cloudy Burst, being a weather pony, controls the weather with other ponies for a living. She moves the clouds and can make rain clouds as well. However, she finds this talent boring since "any pegasus can create weather" and thus hates her cutie mark.

Cloudy Burst has autism, which affect her ability to socialize and communicate. She doesn't understand social cues well. Cloudy Burst also has anxiety disorder and can experience panic attacks easily.


Cloudy Burst, unlike her sisters, is an introvert and prefers to be quiet. She doesn't like social interaction and is very shy. She is also very socially awkward.

Cloudy Burst has low self-esteem due to her cutie mark. She dislikes her cutie mark because she thinks it's too boring and generic.

Cloudy Burst gets annoyed by overly-sappy and happy behavior. She is very pessimistic and seems to look into the worst of things. However, she takes her sisters' advice to have a better attitude about the world.


Cloudy Burst is a slightly smaller than average, whitish-blue pegasus with black and grayish blue mane and tail. She has violet eyes.



  • She is 18 and was born on December 10th.

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