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Comet Shock

Comet Shock

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Medium grey
Luminous vivid blue
Mane Very dark grey
Strong green
Coat Brilliant gold
Nicknames Shock, Comet.
Cutie mark

A pink comet with a blue lightening bolt.
Owner User:AbsolTheHiroPone

Comet Shock is a yellow pegasus pony from Appleloosa. She lives in the Everfree forest with her friends. She is the arch nemesis of Snow Gem and Sparkle Sky.



Comet Shock is very distant, she seems to live in her own world. She is often seen as a rather grumpy pony. She enjoys flight and proves herself to be quite the fast pony, however refuses to do weather work. In addition to this she is shown to be very full of herself, and loves to gloat about how she is the best pony in the world, in her own views that is.


She has a black mane with a green streak and a yellow coat. Her mane and tail are very fluffy. One of her eyes is a very deep blue and the other is a grey colour.


As a filly, Comet was raised in Appleloosa. Comet was interested in the way the town worked for a while until to her it began to become tedious. She was the only pegasus who lived there, so she didn't fit in with the other earth pony fillies. When they enjoyed farming, Comet preferred to spend time in the air and was often seen flying around the town as a loner.


Coming soon


"Yes, I am the best pony in the world. Any questions??"
- Comet Shock when befriending Jewel