Birthday Feb. 11, 1994
Nicknames n/a
Friends Slayer Night, Woody Axe, Free Valiance
Relatives N/A
Relationships Single
Personality Competitive, Reckless, Over confident
Element Victory


Conquest Haste got his cutiemark at around the age of 9. He lives in Cloudsdale with his aunt and uncle. His parents are very famous fliers and are always travelling around the world in pursuit of the best race tracks. He strives to become just like his parents; one of the best fliers around. He is said to be very cocky and overly confident. He loves to race and he trained at the most prestigous fliers academy; The Wonderbolts Academy. He met Woody and co. in high school, at a pony race when he was challenged by a bunch of other ponies who thought that he wasn't as fast as them. His recklessness can lead him to get into huge trouble, especially at the Wonderbolts Academy where he's received numerous warnings of expultions. He crashed into Woody and friends on his way to the race and from there, he learned all about his new friends and completely forgot about the race. After he found out about not being at the race, he was tormented by the bullies for not showing up, but luckily, he had all of his new friends by his side to back him up. His over-confidence is just a way for him to hide the pain he has over his parents practically abandoning him and travelling all around the world. His confidence in himself is a great help to his friends when they aren't very confident themselves.  Conquest even helped Slayer gain the confidence he needed to try out for knight school. He may seem arrogant at times, but he has a good heart and is very loyal to his friends. He represents the element of victory, as he is competitive and usually wins. 


  • Conquest Haste is a extremely fast flyer.
  • Due to Conquest Haste's reckless personality his mane and tail never look the same.
  • Conquest Haste is the youngest of the elements of conflict.
  • Conquest Haste's cutie mark is based off of Sora's necklace from kingdom hearts.

People Who Helped

  • Healingrain from the DragonVale wiki helped with backstory.
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