Cosmic Vibes
Cosmic Vibes ID
Cosmic Vibes
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Eyes White
Mane Moderate Violet with Very light Magenta streaks
Coat Moderate Red
Cutie mark
Cosmic Vibes's Cutie Mark
Purple Spiral Universe
Voice Elijah Wood
Owner User:Otherside86

Cosmic Vibes is a blind unicorn and part of the Steed 6.


Cosmic Vibes was born with complete blindness, until one day he was visited by the boar sage The Moochick. He helped Cosmic how to managed with his disability and mentor him in the ways of magic. After years of practice, he was able to see by sensing the magic energies around him.

One day, Cosmic Vibes went completely blind for the first time in years due to the incident at Princess Twilight Sparkle 's School of Friendship when Cozy Grow drained magic from Equestria. He was forced to relearn how to navigate using his natural senses, until his magic returns.

To prevent a great dark from rising, he and The Moochick decided to assumable a team that will aid Equestria in ways that even Princess Twilight and her friends can't achieve.

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