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"They say that the sky is the limit, but I believe that anypony can reach beyond that."


Cream Twinkleheart





Cutie Mark

Neapolitan ice cream in a waffle cone surrounded by four purple sparkles.




Cream Twinkleheart is a Pegasus Pony who was born in Cloudsdale. She would always gaze down in wonder of the Earth ponies' lives and markets.


Cream Twinkleheart has a cream colored coat and wings, with a pink mane with white stripes, with the rest of her mane fading into a chocolate brown. She has magenta colored eyes with light cherry colored eyeshadow, magenta barrettes and a tail ribbon. Her tail is also pink and fades into a chocolate brown, bending in a strange tied fashion. When her tail crosses and reaches her flank, it forms a heart shape. Her cutie mark is that of neapolitan ice cream, with a waffle cone surrounded by 4 purple twinkles/sparkles.


Cream Twinkleheart feels that she as gentle as they come, or so she thinks. She comes off as distant and daydreaming with a wistful look in her eye as she gazes down at Equestria. Many pegusi thought she was envious of the Earth Ponies, and despised being a pegasus, so they often avoided or ignored her, some calling her shameful and ungrateful to her brethren. Cream Twinkleheart wishes to run a Confectionery in Equestria.


Cream Twinkleheart's skills are making ice cream of many flavors, but not all. She wishes to venture and discover more flavors to add to her list, as she wishes to sell and share the tasting experience with everypony. She is also a slow flyer, rather liking to go at her own pace.


When Cream Twinkleheart was just a filly, she often watched the Wonderbolts, mostly because everypony else in her class had. She thought that because some of them wanted to join the Wonderbolts, that it meant she automatically dreamt that too, not having much opinion to herself. Then when journeying down to Equestria on a class field trip, was her first meet with frozen yogurt. After tasting it, that flavor on her tongue, it was like love at first sight. She had found what she wanted to do in life, though every other pegasus thought it was pretty normal and not out of the ordinary for them. She was shunned by most of her classmates for taking interest in such a boring life, but when she stood up for what she believed in, ignoring her peers' opinions and perspectives, her cutie mark appeared. It was then that she knew she had to pursue this career.