Bronies Wiki
Kind Unicorn
Sex Mare
Occupation Cream Maker
Eyes Vivid Blue
Mane Brilliant Purple

Moderate Heliotrope

Coat Pale Cyan
Relatives Gala Garden (Mother)

Velvet Rim (Father) Tia (Younger Sister)

Magic Aura Coral Pink
Cutie mark
3 Cream Streaks

Creamy is a bright turquoise Unicorn with deep blue eyes and purple hair with magenta streaks. Her Cutie Mark is 3 white cream streaks. She is 16 1/2 years old. Her birthday is June 19th.

Friends and Family[]

5 Best Friends[]


A Pegasus from Cloudsdale who sometimes foalsits Creamy's younger sister.


An Earth Pony who loves swimming and volunteers at the pool.

Map Point[]

An Earth Pony who likes adventures and mapping things.


A fellow Unicorn who enjoys gardening. Creamy sometimes helps her with it.

Sweet Tooth[]

A pink Pegasus who likes sweets. She runs her own shop.


Gala Garden[]

Creamy's high society mother who lives in Canterlot.

Velvet Rim[]

Creamy's father who lives in Canterlot.


Creamy's younger sister who enjoys having tea parties. Lives with Creamy in Ponyville. Is a Cutie Mark Crusader.

Other Ponies[]

Raven Tower[]

Creamy's arch nemesis, a Unicorn who practices witchcraft.

Life in Ponyville[]


Creamy sells her creams and lotions for a very low price that just about any pony can afford. She sometimes uses these creams to help Petal with her flowers, resulting in many mutant flowers!

Raven Tower Takeover[]

Once, Raven Tower was released from her thousand year banishment and impersonated Creamy to take over Ponyville. Fortunately, Creamy's best friends found her and saved her, so they used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Raven Tower.

Mane style[]

About four years after Hope moved to Ponyville, Petal and Creamy wore their makes differently for a time. Creamy's mane hung in waves but the very top still had a little braid. The same style applies to her tail.

Equestria Girls[]


Creamy wears her hair in a braid, as usual. Her shirt is coral with pale coral sleeves. It also has her Cutie Mark on it. Her ivory skirt is layered, and Creamy's boots are ivory, turquoise, and coral in a "V" pattern. As a human, Creamy also wears coral eyeshadow.

Creamy equestria girls by berrypunchrules-d6boyl6

Drama Kid[]

Creamy joins the Drama Kids group in Canterlot High. She is friends with Drama Letter, Sophisticata, and Golden Hazel.


Creamy is very kind to anypony, especially those who need her lotions. She likes simplicity, which is one reason she turned down a job at the Ponyville Day Spa. Creamy doesn't need a big job in a renowned place to be happy. Creamy is also independent, and if anyone offers to help her with her work, she'll turn them down.